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Hwal Moo Do - Life Defense

Hwal Moo Taekwondo is a combination of many Martial Arts; Tang Soo Do, Hapkido, Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing. Combining Martial Art styles from different countries (Korea, Japan, China, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia) Grandmaster Lee has created a unique style of Hand to Hand combat

World Martial Arts Center Class Options

Class Options


Children's classes

Helping youth gain focus, discipline, and self-confidence are only a few of the benefits, offering immediate benefits which can last a lifetime.


Family and Adult

 Hwal Moo Taekwondo is a study of traditional Korean mixed martial arts for practical combat and self-defense. This is through either Family or Adult classes.


Muy Thai

Combining a mix of cardiovascular workouts and detailed techniques, this course is aimed to gain proficiency and abilities, unequaled to any other programs in the area.


After-Shool Program

Designed to provide elementary age children the opportunity to have fun after school and learn Taekwondo before their parents return from work in the evenings.


Good people teaching self defense

James B.


"My son has been with Master Lee for 2yrs. I’m impressed with the standards and respect Master Lee demands these young children who are going through his training will be ready to take on the worlds and what it has to throw at them"

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